MaxPreps Mascot Mondays: Tiger vs. Wolf dance-off video

January 14, 2014 by MaxPreps, AZPreps365

It's a new year and a new theme for MaxPreps Mascot Mondays. In 2014 we will be scouring our professional photo galleries, our extensive video collection and all forms of social media for fun multimedia content featuring those lovable, omnipresent and spirited mascots.

For this week, we first must ask: If you had to bet a dollar on a tiger or a wolf in a dance-off on a football field, who would you put your hard-earned money on?

Take a look at this YouTube video shot during the 2012 football season at a game between the Wolves of Chandler (Ariz.) and the Tigers of Gilbert (Ariz.) to see if you doubled your money.
File photo by Mitchell B. Reibel

Turns out the Tiger mascot from Gilbert High isn't afraid of staring down any type of opposing mascot.