High school baseball game: 12 HRs, dust storms, 60 mph winds and a 30-1 score

March 28, 2014 by MaxPreps, AZPreps365

Painters' masks and T-shirts over players' mouths makes a baseball game wacky enough. Now add in a team with 12 home runs, a player with four homers, multiple dust delays and a 30-1 final score, and you have what has to be the nation's most bizarre high school baseball game of the season.

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Page (Ariz.) won 30-1 over Many Farms (Ariz.) Wednesday in the harsh northeastern Arizona landscape amidst a brutal windstorm that played havoc with the contest all day. According to the Arizona Daily Sun, the contest was halted by the umpires on a handful of occasions, and players took protective measures.

"We’d play two minutes, and the umpires would stop the game for three minutes to get the dust to stop. We couldn’t see the center fielder or left fielder from the dugout. They were covered in dust," Page manager Alex Randel told the newspaper. "I've never seen a field like it anywhere."

Arizona's record book has never seen anything like the game, either. The team's 12 home runs (nine of which were inside-the-park) are a record, and Tyler Janes matched the state high with four homers. Page scored 17 times in the third inning to break it open.

Page was well-equipped to deal with the conditions. The team's mascot is the Sand Devils, after all.

Something similar actually happened with Page High back in 2002, according to the story. Page won 34-1 over Chinle (the closest school to Many Farms, and a place Randel suggested moving Wednesday's game to) in similar wind conditions. That game saw the first 15 Page hitters score runs.