Softball notes

April 16, 2014 by Jose Garcia, AZPreps365

Division II

Canyon del Oro: Varsity makeup is three seniors, three juniors, six sophomores, and three freshmen. … Senior Rebecca Ziegler (.579 ave., 20 RBI, 25 runs), junior Jordyn Binnion (.489 ave., six doubles, 3 HR, 21 runs), sophomore Carli Campbell (.486 ave., 24 runs), senior Samantha Nettling (.471 ave., 25 RBIs), junior Monique Castillo (.400 ave., seven doubles), senior Makenzie Sullivan (.394 ave., 29 RBI) are the team’s stat leaders. … Team has four seniors, including a student manager, who are headed to either Northwestern, Boise State, Penn State, or Mount Saint Mary’s. Three of those seniors are the No. 3, 4, and 5 hitters in the lineup.

Cienega: Team is comprised of two freshmen, two sophomores, eight juniors, and three seniors. ... State leaders: Junior Melanie (.506 ave., 34 RBI, nine doubles), junior Shelby Kennedy (.500 ave., 13 RBI, SB), senior Destinee Williams (.483 ave., 20 RBI), junior Mickaela Keiser (.481 ave., 12 RBI), junior Bailey Pavelich (.460 ave., 22 RBI, 10 doubles, 3 HR), freshman Taylor Lambert (.444 ave.), junior Kayla Green (2.38 ERA, 112 K's). ... Ali Subia has committed to Cal Baptist University and Destinee Williams to Prairie View University. 

Kofa: Junior catcher Sally Gastelo (.441 ave.), senior pitcher Miranda Mendoza (.400), senior SS Brittany Ramos (.397 ave.), senior 2B Alicia Stephens (.426 ave.), senior CF/3B Krista Keller (.390 ave.), Sarai Camacho (2.29 ERA) are the team’s stat leaders. … "Last year we started the season out 0-4, losing each of those games by eight runs or more,” coach Emma Morrison said. “So I sat down with the team and reminded them of who they are and to take pride in the name “Kofa Kings.” So the next game I spray painted a crown at every position and told them, ‘When you see that crown remember who you are and that you are someone special and have the talent it takes to be a winner.’ And from that point on they have fought hard every game that they have played.”

Division III

Northwest Chrsitain: Elizabeth Bostwick has a 2.00 ERA and is averaging one strike per inning. … Senior Brittany Zimmerman is hitting .523. … Junior Brianna James leads the team in on base percentage and hitting .537. … Senior catcher Gabby Marram is hitting .446. … Senior Audra Pettit leads the team in home runs and is hitting .485. … Team has stolen 40 bases.

Division IV

Desert Christian: “Courtney Tyra, a junior, has been crushing the ball,” coach Robert Vance said. “She has five or six homeruns, including a grand slam and a two-run walk off homerun. Lauren Radtke, another junior, has been phenomenal as a lead off hitter and a pitcher. When her change up is working, she is as good as anyone we have seen. One key for us has been our senior leadership, especially Kylie Poplin. They have taken ownership of the team and done a great job. Another key is the development of our baby ducks. Our first year players have worked so hard and have grown so much. Our number two hitter and starting shortstop, Taylor Radtke, is probably the best freshman in our section and no one works any harder than she does. First year player Emma Waller is a sophomore who has an uncanny ability for getting on base. We have eight first-year players and each one is getting better each day. They will be a huge factor in the remainder of the season.”

Veritas Prep: “I knew we had the chance to be pretty good this year with the incoming freshmen battery of (pitcher) Lainey Stephenson and Kayla Gomez, but a 21-0 start was totally unexpected,” coach Patrick Snyder said. “Our success can be attributed to a strong freshmen class, including Akeely and Hyland, along with an experienced seniors class, including captains Katie Snyder, Liz Baier and Christy Baier, that made the state tournament for the first time in Veritas’ history in 2011.” … Stephenson's ERA is 0.00 in 103 innings and 254 strikeouts and 19 wins, according to coach. She has two perfect games and six no-hitters this season. She also leads the team in hitting (.646 ave., 31 RBIs, 10 doubles, 2 triples, 5 homers, 1.092 slugging, .693 OBPP). … Gomez is hitting .540 with 28 RBI’s, 13 doubles, 4 triples, 4 homers, 1.063 slugging, .603 OBP. … Snyder (.508 ave.) was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when she was 7, but that hasn’t kept her from performing at a high level. She is headed to Benedictine University in Chicago next year.

Valley Union: Junior Sara Han (.683 ave., 59 RBI, .1383 slugging), senior Katelyn Landwerin (4 HRs, 8 extra base hits), sophomore catcher Jessica Garcia (.410 ave., .1000 fielding, 33 SB), senior Yesenia Gamez (13 wins, .88 ERA), senior SS Kortney Haines (.389 ave., 23 SB) are the team’s stat leaders. … Haines’ brother, Blake, was paralyzed in an accident last year. “I think my players are playing just a little bit harder this year for Blake,” Valley Union coach Jeffrey Baker said.… “Senior leadership is key on this team,” Baker said. “Also, we depend on a mix of small ball and power to rack up runs. I believe we have one of the best defenses in our division.” … Baker’s daughter, Ashlee, a former D-I player, is a coach on the team.