New MPCoach app will make it easier for coaches to enter games, rosters on MaxPreps

July 29, 2014 by MaxPreps, AZPreps365

MaxPreps is excited to announce that we have made it easier than ever for coaches across America to enhance their rosters, schedules, scores and team-wide communication.

Coaches can now easily input game results using<br>any iOS device.

The MPCoach app, available for free via iTunes, gives coaches the ability to enter game scores, edit schedules, add players to rosters and send text messages or emails to athletes. Rather than waiting to make it to a desktop computer to enter information, coaches can update their team information quickly and conveniently right at the gym or field using our brand-new app.

Not sure how to get to the next road game? MPCoach has that covered as well, as it will include directions to away games.

And there's something in it for the athletes too. Coaches can now take photos of their players using a smartphone and immediately add those photos to individual player career profiles.

"MaxPreps values every coach out there, and we are excited to release an app that will make posting information to our site easier. Coaches give so much of their time in order to make high school sports great, and this app will save coaches time so that they can focus on other things," said MaxPreps Founder and President Andy Beal. "It's a wonderful innovation as we continue to find ways to enhance the user experience for coaches, who are our greatest asset."

It's just another way that America's Source for High School Sports is making it easier for coaches to share information with the rest of the world.