Mikhial Tsatskin
ASU Student Journalist

Accident didn't keep Pinnacle star from playing, earning college offer

March 4, 2017 by Mikhial Tsatskin, Arizona State University

A car crash didn't stop Pinnacle baseball player Jake Holmes from earning a chance to play at the collegiate level.

“The doctor told me it could take a whole year to get back into baseball or just never play it again," Holmes said. "But the season was coming up, so I thought to myself why not try to get back there faster."

In 2015 Holmes was involved in a car accident in which he flipped his truck four times, avoiding a tragic head injury.

Holmes spent two days in the hospital before being sent home. The recovery took approximately two months for Holmes to feel confident enough to get back on the field.

“I kept fighting back, and I told myself there was no chance anything could stop me,” Holmes said.

Holmes finished his junior year season with a .407 batting average at the shortstop position.

“I grew up in an Arizona State household and an Alabama household, and it was kinda split between ASU and Alabama, and I kinda came to the realization Alabama is pretty far away," Holmes said. "So I thought my dream school has always been one of those so when ASU offered I took full advantage of that."

Holmes is originally from New Jersey but grew up in Arizona playing little league and club ball since the age of nine. Holmes played for T-rex baseball academy and finished No. 1 in the nation last year in the U-16 Perfect Game MLK Championship.

Holmes and many other players on the team received offers to play baseball at the collegiate level.

“I think he will fit in perfectly because he's a good team player, so he will get along with all the players and he really grinds so he will find a spot there,” Pinnacle teammate Jason Nelson said.

Holmes received attention from coaches and scouts at a young age for his skill and character on and off the field.

“Jake has the character of being a great teammate and a positive influence in the community,” head coach Roy Muller said.

Muller has been scouting players for 38 years and began scouting Holmes two years ago before becoming a head coach in 2016.

“Jake is an outstanding physical talent and plays against the best competition in the state,” Muller said.

Pinnacle baseball competes in the 6A Conference, which has a total of 41 teams.

The team is off to a 5-1 start. 

“I just wanna play baseball," Holmes said. 

“For me, personally, I don't think there was ever a time where I thought that I wouldn't be able to go play college or professional baseball. But I mean there's been moments of my life where I've had to overcome certain instances where it could have put me out of playing baseball. But I just kept fighting back, and I told myself there is no chance anything was gonna stop me.”