Caitlyn Lemle
ASU Student Journalist

Softball: Xavier drops home season opener to Hamilton

March 1, 2017 by Caitlyn Lemle, Arizona State University

Xavier College Prep lost to Hamilton 11-1 in its opening home game.

The game was called early due to the 10-run mercy rule.

The Huskies got off to a great start, scoring three runs off of junior pitcher Mercedes Silva in the top of the first inning. 

Leadoff hitter Bella Loomis got the momentum rolling Tuesday by hitting a line drive single to right field. 

“First at bat my goal is to get on,” said Loomis when asked about her batting game plan. “That pretty much motivates the team to get on. Every other at bat I just wanted to see my pitch and relax so that I can get on.”

The Gators, however, were quick to respond in the bottom of the first inning with a run of their own.

Kaela Stehly scored the only Gator run after hitting a two-strike home run over the left field fence.

“It (home run) felt really good,” Stehly said. “It was really exciting.”

The Huskies bats lit up in the third inning, scoring the last six of their 11 runs.

“We just wanted to score,” Loomis said. “We made sure everyone made adjustments.”

The Huskies started the bottom of the third, fourth and fifth innings with a new pitcher in the circle.

To “tune them up” for the next game, coach Rocky Parra decided to give all of the pitchers a chance to throw.

The Gators also made a switch. Sophomore Marissa Sgambati came in during the top of the fourth inning and only allowed one hit and shut out the Huskies the rest of the game.

The Huskies improved to 3-0 as they prepare for Friday’s big game against 6-0 Pinnacle. Loomis said that Tuesday’s win helped their team prepare for their next game.

Parra added that he also feels that this game showed him what he needs to work on with his team as well.

“I think that we are pretty motivated,” Loomis said. “We scored a lot so hopefully that will give us some confidence. All the hitters have been hitting pretty well.

 “For the next two days we will practice specifically for Pinnacle and their pitchers. Today I saw we need to work on base running. We kind of got a little ahead so we didn’t want to keep sending them, but we want to make sure that they are aggressive on the bases. Pitching also, this is only our third game and next we have Pinnacle.”

Xavier College Prep’s record currently stands at 3-3 as its head into Wednesday’s game against Pinnacle, who beat them 13-1 earlier in the season.

The Pinnacle game served as an eye opener for the Gators, but they are determined to go into Wednesday’s game confident and prepared.

“I feel that this helps the team get more of in the mentality that we are going to be playing some tougher teams and we need to work 110 percent to try to win,” Stehly said.