SOFTBALL/BASEBALL: 17 teams from Southern Arizona taking part

April 25, 2017 by Andy Morales, AZPreps365

A full slate of softball and baseball play-in games are all set for Wednesday. Nine softball teams and eight baseball teams from Southern Arizona will take part with the winners advancing to the 6A, 5A or 3A state tournaments depending on classification.

Some notables in softball include a couple of home games for the Marana School District with Mountain View and Marana hosting 5A games. Rincon/University is also hosting which is an incredible accomplishment for the 6A squad.

There is an oddity in 3A action with Sabino, Empire, Pusch Ridge and Sahuarita all hosting with a straight 11 to 14 ranking from the 3A South Region foes.

Tanque Verde is the fifth team from the 3A South Region and Sunnyside will host a 6A game.

In baseball, Tucson held on in 6A action but will travel while Cienega, Ironwood Ridge, Sahuaro and Buena all came out of the 5A Southern Region. Sahuaro and Ironwood Ridge will meet for the third time in a rubber-match game to see which one will advance.

Flowing Wells made the playoffs which is a great reward for the hard work put in by the Caballeros. Sabino and Empire will represent the 3A South Region.




6A Softball Play-In, 4 p.m.

No. 23 Basha at No. 10 Sunnyside

No. 19 Dobson at No. 14 Rincon/UHS


5A Softball Play-In, 4 p.m.

No. 24 Fairfax at No. 9 Mountain View

No. 21 Williams Field at No. 12 Marana


3A Softball Play-In, 4 p.m.

No. 22 Chino Valley at No. 11 Sabino

No. 21 NW Christian at No. 12 Empire

No. 20 Holbrook at No. 13 Pusch Ridge

No.19 Blue Ridge at No. 14 Sahuarita

No. 24 Tanque Verde at No. 9 Payson




6A Baseball Play-In, 4 p.m.

No. 21 Tucson at No. 12 Desert Mountain


5A Baseball Play-In, 4 p.m.

No. 24 Independence at No. 9 Cienega

No. 17 Sahuaro at No. 16 Ironwood Ridge

No. 19 Buena at No. 14 Desert Edge

No. 22 Flowing Wells at No. 11 Campo Verde


3A Baseball Play-In, 4 p.m.

No. 18 Fountain Hills at No. 15 Sabino

No. 19 Empire at No. 14 Franklin