Cydeni Carter
ASU Student Journalist

VOLLEYBALL: Dobson earns third win, sweeps Cesar Chavez

September 12, 2017 by Cydeni Carter, Arizona State University

Mesa Dobson's 25-15, 25-16, 25-17 win over Laveen Cesar Chavez Tuesday night improved Dobson's record to 3-7.

“We did a really good job in the serve and pass game, our girls did a really good job,” Dobson head coach William Robinson said. “It was a good team win.”

It was a quick start for the Mustangs, scoring the first four points of the game. Sophomore Brooke Stratman came out very strong with three aces in a row, making the score 9-1.

Soon after, Lizzy Phipps had a massive spike which was followed by two aces in a row by herself, making the score 13-2.

The Champions then picked up the pace a bit but they were stopped by Mimi Vu with her first spike of the game, making the score 14-6.

In the second set Vu scored the first point with an ace and the Mustangs then followed with two more points after that.

Cesar Chavez continuously got scored on after diving for many balls. Vu had a strong set with multiple aggressive spikes that brought the score to 12-5.

Her teammates followed with even more spikes to make the set 21-13. The set ended with an emphatic spike by Vu.

The Champions could not make it happen for them in that set, putting them down 2-0 for the match.

In the third and final set, the Champions were more competitive.

The Mustangs earned the first two points of the set. Sophomore Brooke Stratman began with three aces in a row making the game 6-3, and the Champions answered back.

The Champions then took their first lead of the game, 7-6. Both teams kept scoring back and forth taking the lead over one another.

The game then took a turn when Vu had another huge spike for a four-point Dobson lead.

The Mustangs fed off of each other’s energy and earned point after point till the game ended with a score of 25-17.

“We needed to get some passing to run our offense… we weren’t really effective in the front row,” Cesar Chavez head coach Ashley Mitchell said. “We served well, we had better defense in that last game but we couldn’t get our offense going.”

The Champions now have a 1-8 season record.

The Mustangs were thrilled to have their third win of the season and to have won at home.

“This home win was just like a step towards a great season,” Vu said. “I’m glad we clicked and got it, and I’m surprised that we did it pretty fast.”

The Champions play at Mesa Skyline Wednesday, and the Mustangs play at Maryvale Wednesday.