Andrew Castellano
ASU Student Journalist

VOLLEYBALL: Anthem Prep scores 3-set win over ASU Prep

September 13, 2017 by Andrew Castellano, Arizona State University

The Anthem Prep Eagles won all three-sets, 25-13, 25-15, 25-15, despite ASU Prep Sun Devils good efforts in a volleyball match Wednesday night.

In Set 1, the Eagles quickly set the tempo putting up two points within seconds of the game starting. ASU Prep coach Bill Al did not hesitate to tell his young team that consists of only one senior and multiple sophomores to slow down and “don’t play the opposition, play the ball.”

Sun Devils captain Yvette Arellano responded quickly and spiked the ball to put her team on the board. This spike led to a Sun Devils 5-0 run. Both teams went back and forth until the Eagles quickly gained momentum and went on their run and scored seven consecutive points giving them an 18-10 lead.

The Eagles carried their momentum and won the first set. Eagles coach Ray Wrublik talked about his team’s mentality coming into this game and said, “Just to have fun, play smart and to outplay the other team.”

The Eagles’ Jenna Timmerman did just that. She recorded six kills in the first set, setting the tone for the entire match.

As Set 2 started, the Eagles once again were setting the pace of the game, but the Sun Devils never gave up. The Sun Devils were down by five points to open the set, but slowly inched closer.

The Sun Devils’ Arellano maintained constant communication with her team trying to set up her co-captain Elena Guevara in the front row. “As a captain I try to have a good mentality and tell everyone to have a positive attitude. . . I had nothing but good thoughts,” said Guevara.

Al was consistently substituting his players in and out within every other possession. “I was trying to tell them the importance of volleyball defense, we have players who are better at the front line and some who are better in the back,” said coach Al. “My substitutes is when my big girls go to the back, to bring in the smaller girls to focus on the defense.”

The Sun Devils gave everything they had, but standing in their way was Eagles captain Madeline Hadlock. Hadlock was the floor general for Eagles. She was constantly setting her favorite target, Timmerman, in the front row.

As a result, the Eagles went on a 12-7 run to finish the set 25-15. Timmerman had a total of six kills. Five of those kills were assisted by floor general Madeline Hadlock.  

Hadlock said her coach told her to “call the shots on the floor . . . take control and to never let the ball drop.”

As the third set started, the Sun Devils quickly took the lead 4-1.

“Coming into this game I was a little nervous, but as we went on we got more confident. I can trust [my teammates] and they can trust me,” said Arellano.

The Eagles quickly rallied and scored six consective points to bring the game to 6-4. Timmerman quickly helped the Eagles to close out the game, leading both teams with a total of seven kills. The Eagles beat the Sun Devils in the last set 25-15.

“Were getting ready for state,” said Wrublik.

The Eagles improve their record to 4-2 and Sun Devils' record is now 0-5.