Braeden Mueller
ASU Student Journalist

Tolleson Union Soccer: New year, another family connection

November 12, 2017 by Braeden Mueller , Arizona State University

In 2014, the Tolleson Union Wolverines soccer team had only six players out of 24 on the roster not related. Now three years removed from that season, the Wolverines are used to this occurence.

The De Los Rios brothers are the next set of family members to take the field for the Wolverines. For coach Benjamin Andronic, seeing the same last name on the roster is just another year for the team.

“We don’t want to take it for granted, but we love having relatives come out and play because they know what to expect. When they come in as a freshman, they are already leaders.” Andronic said.

Angel, the older brother, is the quieter type between the two, and the smaller in stature. Angel has shared time between JV and varsity as a forward. This year will be the first that Angel will play with Christian for the Wolverines. 

“I think it’s going to be an amazing time. No better feeling than playing with your brother on the pitch,” Angel said.

While having brothers play on the same team could lead to some sibling rivalry, the De Los Rios brothers keep it strictly professional. Andronic has been with them for about a year and has seen the development of their relationship.

“When I first met them, they fought all the time. After a year, they get along a lot better. They are always looking out for each other,” Andronic said.

Christian will be on the backline while Angel will be playing as a forward or winger, but he hopes that he will be able to connect with Angel on some goals, resulting in some team success that way. If they were to combine for a goal, they haven’t thought of a planned celebration, though.

“It’d be pretty cool to assist him a couple of goals, and get “W's every game…There is always time to come up with that (celebration),” Christian said.