Seth Polansky
Sports Information Coordinator

Spectator and parking information for 5A & 6A volleyball championships

November 6, 2018 by Seth Polansky, AZPreps365


All spectator parking for the AIA State 5A/6A Girls Volleyball Championship matches on Wednesday, November 7th, 2018 will require vehicle parking fees to be paid by the spectators.

ASU-Wells Fargo event is available in either the parking lot #59 adjacent to the east of ASU Sun Devil Stadium or in the ASU Packard Drive Parking Structure

Parking fees for the lots adjacent to ASU Sun Devil Stadium must be purchased online at ASU Parkmobile online site.

Parkmobile User Information:

With Parkmobile at ASU, spectators can pay for parking from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet when they arrive to campus.

How to use

To take advantage of pay-by-app parking, create a free account online at Parkmobile.

Once registration is complete, download one of their free apps from the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store.

To start a parking transaction with the app:

  • Key in the zone number found on the meter sticker or nearby Parkmobile signage in the lot.
  • Enter the space number in which you’ve parked or your license plate number (if applicable).
  • Select the amount of time you wish to park.
  • Touch the start button to confirm the transaction.


Hourly/daily rates for parking in a Parkmobile-equipped lot are the same as the posted rates.

A 35-cent fee is added per Parkmobile transaction.

Additional features

Users are alerted 15 minutes before time expires so you can extend your parking transaction from wherever you are, where available. Some parking lots or meters have maximum time limits.

ASU Packard Drive Parking Structure Information:

Automated pay machines and pay machines in exit lanes accept Visa and MasterCard only. Accessible spaces available in every lot.

Payment Required               Hourly Rates

Monday through Sunday    1 hr. or less: $3.00

                                                1-2 hrs:         $6.00

                                                2-3 hrs:         $9.00

                                                3-4 hrs:         $12.00

                                                4+  hrs:         $15.00


Security measures for AIA events at ASU will require all spectators to enter through magnetometers and have their carry in bags checked by security.


The ASU Event policy of only allowing clear bags to enter the event will be inforce at the AIA State 5A/6A Girls Volleyball Championship matches on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Spectators should arrive to ASU Wells Fargo Arena well before the start of either 5A or 6A Girls Volleyball Championship matches in order to avoid the ticketing and entry locations at the AIA State 5A/6A Girls Volleyball Championship matches.

All Spectator ticketing and entry to the AIA State 5A/6A Girls Volleyball Championship being held at ASU Wells Fargo Arena will be on the east side of the arena.

Ticket Sales will begin at the ASU Wells Fargo Arena East Side Ticket Windows at 4:45 pm on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.