Championship Information

Golf Spring

State Tournament Venue

Omni Tucson National (OTN)
2727 W. Club Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85742

Admission Fees

$15.00 All-Tournament Pass
$10.00 Day Pass
Children five and under admitted free

AZPreps365 Golf App,

  • Family: $75.00 (includes passes for four (4) named users for regular season events)
  • Individual: $25.00 (includes a pass for one (1) named user for regular season events)
  • State Championship: $12.00 (for one (1) named user)

Purchase at Webcasting

Please note that live streaming of any postseason event must be done through and/or Events broadcasted by and/or the NFHS Network are exclusive to those entities for postseason competition. If or the NFHS Network are not broadcasting, a school may broadcast using the following two options:

YouTube or Ustream broadcasting: If a school plans to stream a postseason event and has YouTube or Ustream account, it can simulcast the event for free through by working with the athletic director.

NFHS Network School Broadcast Program broadcasting: If a school plans to stream a postseason event and has an NFHS Network School Broadcast Program account, it can stream through the NFHS Network.

None of the above for broadcasting: Please contact the AIA at with a request to stream an event.

2018-19 State Tournament Schedule

Division III:
Day 1: Tue., May 7, 2019, 10:30 a.m., OTN
Day 2: Wed., May 8, 2019, 10 a.m., OTN

Note: Times Subject to Change

Qualifying Process

The top team in each section will automatically qualify for the state tournament

  • The section winner will be determined by its iWanamaker (iWr) rankings within the section using the sum of the team’s four (4) best individual iWrs, who have played the minimum number of rounds.

Eight (8) at-large teams per division will qualify for the state tournament determined by their iWr ranking.

The formula for the Individual iWr ranking is:

  • (Gross Score – Course Rating) x 113/Slope Rating

The top 15 individuals not on a qualifying team and based on their individual iWr ranking at the conclusion of the regular season will qualify for the state tournament. Each player's best seven (7) rounds will be used for both team and individual qualification purposes. A minimum of seven (7) rounds is needed to qualify for both teams and individuals. A maximum of four (4) rounds at one course can be counted toward a player's iWr.