Dajour Sylvester
ASU Student Journalist

Xavier Prep makes late comeback to defeat Chandler

April 24, 2019 by Dajour Sylvester, Arizona State University

The Xavier Prep Gators swept the Chandler Wolves in its season series matchup after the Wolves gave up multiple runs in extra innings.

The Wolves struggled with its fifth straight loss and fell to 11-13 on the season.

Chandler sophomore right fielder Brianna Williams stole the show in the second inning with an amazing catch by colliding into the back fence towards the right-field wall to end the inning.

“I needed to do everything I could to catch the ball and not let them get by me,” Williams said.

Senior pitcher Emily Castle did a great job holding the fort for the Wolves. She allowed one run throughout the 4 2/3 innings with three strikeouts.

Pitcher Brianna Williams picked up a big hit to get the Wolves going. Williams struggled hitting in the last game against the Gators but Friday she had a different plan in mind.

“This game I just didn’t think of hitting when I was in the box, Williams said. “My mindset is first good pitch I see I swing.”

Shortly after, both Santillan and Williams slid into home after a missed catch by the catcher to put the Wolves up 2-0.

The fifth inning started off with a controversial call that had Xavier Prep’s head coach fired up and had the players amped as well. The next play, freshman infielder Meghan Schouten hit a home run to put the Gators on the board 2-1.

After the Wolves extended their lead 3-1, Gators senior catcher Macy Lee hit a homer to make it 3-2.

The Gators scored two runs in the seventh to put them up top 4-3. In the bottom half, the Wolves scored to tie it 4-4 to head into extra innings.

Junior shortstop Lilly Saucedo and the Wolves had a different mindset going into extra innings.

“During the extra innings, our mindset was going all out for each other, making the diving plays if we needed to and executing,” Saucedo said.

The game fell apart in extra innings for the Wolves, as pitcher Brianna Williams gave up multiple hits in the eighth to give the Gators the 6-4 lead. The Wolves were unable to come back from the late deficit.

“We missed out on too many opportunities throughout the game to get too focused on those one or two calls,” head coach JanaRae Slayton said.

The Wolves have two games left on the season and Slayton is focused on the next game to try and make a push in the state tournament.

”Right now, we’re just trying to get as good as a spot as we can in the state tournament,” Slayton said.