Burke Harman
ASU Student Journalist

Central keeps undefeated season alive with win against Willow Canyon

October 8, 2019 by Burke Harman, Arizona State University

The Central Bobcats played yet another flawless match as they took down the Willow Canyon Wildcats 9-0 on Wednesday.

“We're definitely starting to buy into what’s in front of us, we just got to keep them hungry,” said coach Manny Valente.

The Bobcats certainly showed they were hungry, with exceptional play from their whole roster. Valente has been pleased with his team’s execution.

“I was actually really encouraged by their effort, we were mentally ready to go,” said Valente.

=Even their warmup routine was organized and sharp, and that translated right into their play.

Eh Moo, the No. 1 player on the team, used a variety of different shots, including smashes, to finish off rallies against her opponent. She defeated Willow Canyon’s Isabel Martinez (21-8, 21-2).

Sher Moo used the whole court to win her match, backing her opponent up as much as she could and then scoring in order to win her match against Ingrid Bellen (21-8, 21-4).

“I like to clear them, so they stay in the back and then drop it in,” said Moo, when asked about her technique.

Suh Meh, the No. 2 player, had the most challenging match in singles play, but she wore her opponent down with deep clears which led to her win against Veronica Eddy (21-18, 21-14).

As for the doubles matches, Eh Moo and Jannette Lim showed wonderful chemistry, floor spacing, and precise shots around the net to grab their victory against the Wildcat pair of Ava Kupcyzk and McKenna Lee (21-5, 21-6).

They both used the net kill today in order to get a win.

“They have great chemistry because they have very similar personalities … they complement each other,” said Valente.

Central’s duo of Suh Meh and Elizabeth Abbey used all four corners of the floor and had key smash shots to end rallies and secure their match against Jena Petersen and Veronica Eddy (21-8, 21-7).

Sher Moo and Katelyn Stevens played together in the last doubles match. Stevens improved throughout the match, finding her stroke with the smash shot. That eventually led to a victory for them as well, against Isabell Martinez and Ingrid Bellen (21-9, 21-6).

Valente was excited about how his team played and is confident that they can keep things rolling the rest of the season.

“We’re really excited to see how this is going to play out," Valente said. "I feel like our best badminton is still ahead of us."