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Christopher Owen
Student SID

Millennium shuts down Canyon View JV A

January 16, 2020 by Christopher Owen, Canyon View High School

The Jaguars look to get the ball inside against Millennium. (Christopher Owen/Canyon View Student)

Christopher Own attends Canyon View High School and is a member of the AIA's Student SID program.

The Millennium Tigers took the win over the Canyon View Jaguars by a score of 56-22 on January 13th at Canyon View Arena.

“It’s a learning experience for them, there’s a lot of stuff we need to work on for our next game,” said Coach Shannon Backstrom. 

Sophomore Ryley Olson started the Jaguars off at the free throw line, making the score 8-2 with Millennium in the lead. 

During the second quarter, sophomore Sarah Obermeyer cut into the lead at the free throw line and just before the half, Olson hit a three-pointer to make the score 33-11. 

Sophomore Kaila Morson started the team off with a three pointer in the third quarter making the score 40-14. Following this up, sophomore Caitlin Schneider made a two-pointer to make it 40-16. 

At the end of the game Morson hit a two-pointer to finish the Jaguars scoring at 22. 

“We did really good on our defense, but our offense could use some work looking at the openings,'' said Caitlin Schneider.