Recommended Guidelines for Return to Activity

AIA's Executive Board has endorsed guidelines for the return to sport and activity for competition in the winter.

Seth Polansky
Sports Information Coordinator

Clarifications for winter sports rules

November 23, 2020 by Seth Polansky, AZPreps365

Based on conversations and input from many of our member school athletic directors, below are some updates and clarifying statements regarding the AIA winter sports season.

  • The 14-day exclusion will apply to student-athletes and coaches once a school has begun its official practice for the official season of sport. Tryouts may only take place during the season of sport.
  • Practice with any outside team/group, if staying within that cohort, would not require a 14-day exclusion from the high school team. This means there will only be a 14-day exclusion for the student-athletes and coaches if they compete (games, tournaments, showcases, scrimmages, etc.) with their outside team/group. It will not apply if it is practice only. This goes with the next bullet.
  • The 14-day exclusion will apply to a student-athlete or coach who is a member of a high school winter sports team and competes with an outside team/group in the same sport or different sport. For the purposes of this rule, a scrimmage would be considered a competition.
  • Club youth coaches (13 and under) will not fall into the 14-day exclusion rule unless they are involved with out-of-state tournaments. It is strongly recommended that the coach wear a face covering while coaching that youth club team.
  • For the 2020-21 school year, the Non-School Participation Rule for Winter Sports will take effect on January 5, 2021. The season of competition begins January 5th for all schools in all winter sports without exception.
  • Spiritline:
    • Student-athletes participating in Spiritline may continue to participate with both club/studio and school programs.
    • Beginning November 30th the 14-day exclusion will apply if;
      • A student-athlete participates in Conventions or Master Classes that pull various clubs/studios (cohorts) together to participate at the same time.
      • A student-athlete participates in any in-person competition that pulls various clubs/studios (cohorts) together at the same time.