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Looking into the GCHS Dance Team

February 17, 2021 by Talia Humbert, Gilbert Christian High School

Abigail Kruse with the Varsity Dance Team

Talia Humbert is a journalism student at Gilbert Christian High School assigned to cover high schools for AZPreps365.com

Abigail Kruse, a sophomore at Gilbert Christian and a veteren of the cheer team, is an active member on the newly formed GCS Varsity Dance Team. 

How do you like being on the dance team? “I like being on the dance team,” Abigail explains, “I love all the girls and it is really fun.” 

How has being on the dance team strengthened you mentally and physically? “It has strengthened me to set goals for myself and to become mentally stronger. It has pushed me to try new things.” Abigail says. 

What are some of your favorite highlights from the team? “Some highlights are the games. I like performing at them.” Abigail and her team are able to perform, during half-time, at the GCS basketball games. 

What has COVID-19 changed for the team? “COVID-19  changed what we get to do. It limits what we get to do.” says Abigail. The team is not able to perform at competitions due to COVID-19 . 

What goals do you have while being a member of the team? “My goal is to become a better dancer.” says Abigail. 

What about the team is different or unique to you? “Something that is unique is we are all good friends and have a great time together.” explains Abigail. 

What qualities do you bring to the team? “I bring my best self.” 

Abigail is also a veteren of the cheer team. What does a good teammate look like to you? “A good teammate to me is someone that comes prepared to work and does not complain.” Abigail says. 

How often do you practice and where? “I do practice two times a week, Monday and Wednesday; and we practice at Dance Republic.” Abigail says.

Is it hard to learn the dance routine? “Sometimes it can be challenging but most of the time it is laid back.” explains Abigail. 

How much experience do you bring to the team? “I have done gymnastics and cheer but that is it.” Abigail says. 

What have you learned while being a part of the dance team? “I have learned fun dances.” The dance team is able to perform these dances at basketball games during half-time. 

How has cheer and dance helped you grow as a person? “It has grown me into working harder for the things I want.” says Abigail. 

What do you like about performing at the games? “I like to perform at half time because it is fun to show the parents what we have worked on.” explains Abigail. 

Why are you thankful for another season, and what are you getting out of it? “I am thankful to have a winter season and to be a part of a team. I am getting to work out and grow in my dancing.” Abigail loves being on the dance team and is very thankful for another season. COVID-19  has made things tough but she sticks through it and is able to make and complete new goals through the dance team.