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Kylie Dickinson
Student SID

Tennison’s Sophomore beach season at Gilbert Christian

April 26, 2021 by Kylie Dickinson, Gilbert Christian High School

Brianna serves the ball. (Gilbert Christian photo)

Kylie Dickinson is a journalism student at Gilbert Christian High School assigned to cover high school sports for

Gilbert Christian’s very own: Brianna Tennison’s Sophomore Sand Season

Brianna (Bri) Tennison takes on the challenge of team three on the varsity sand volleyball team as just a sophomore! How does she do it!? 

How is being a sophomore on team three different? 

Bri says, “It’s tough because you are playing good teams; and most of the time the people we are playing against are juniors and seniors, too, so we always have to come out strong.”

How much do you train to consistently win on the three’s team?

“Currently, I play club, indoor, and sand, at the high school, so I’m constantly playing volleyball.”

What's your motivation through this tough season?

Bri says, “My teammates motivate me though the hard season. They are always cheering me on.”

Do you believe your team will make it to state this year and why?

“I think that me and my teammates will make it to state. This is the strongest we have ever been, and I’m very proud of us already.”

How is this season different due to COVID-19?

Bri says, “Honestly not much has changed this year, and I’m very grateful because our season last year got canceled due to the pandemic.” 

Currently the girl’s sand team altogether is 8-2! A great start to the season. Brianna is excited and hopeful for the upcoming play-offs. She is confidente her and her teammates are going to go far!