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Elli Wolthuis
Student SID

Gilbert Christian High School’s Midthun beach volleyball

April 30, 2021 by Elli Wolthuis, Gilbert Christian High School

Midthun getting ready to serve the ball.

Elli Wolthuis is a journalism student at Gilbert Christian High School assigned to cover high school sports for

How is the sand season going for you? 

  • Good, as a team we've only lost 2 games so far - Basha and Fountain Hills.

How is sand different from indoor? Has it been challenging you?

  • Learning how to play in the sand has definitely been a challenge for me this season and learning how to adapt to only playing with one other person on the court. However, I do think that by playing sand it will help me with my movement on court and help my vertical improve. 

What have been your personal goals for the season? Have you accomplished them?

  • My personal goals for this season have just been to stay focused and really focus on my improvement in the sport which I think I am definitely achieving. Another goal was making it into playoffs and as a team we have achieved that by going into playoffs in the #5 spot! 

What has been your favorite game so far?

  • My favorite game so far would have to be the one against Veritas Prep. Their 4s pair was undefeated going into our game, and we ended up winning the game in three close sets. There was so much energy and it was so fun to have the whole team cheering us on! 

Are you hopeful for the playoffs?

  • I am very hopeful for the playoffs! We had our last regular game on Wednesday, won against Chandler Prep, which is making our playoff schedule a great one!

Give a summary of your experience on the team this year. 

  • This year has definitely been my favorite one so far. The team became so close with all our inside jokes, team dinners, and fun bus rides. I'm going to miss the season and can't wait to go far into the state!!