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Sienna Oglesby
Student SID

Gilbert Christian High School’s Lexi Sadler on the Sand Volleyball Team

May 6, 2021 by Sienna Oglesby, Gilbert Christian High School

Lexi Sadler and her coach Bart (Photo Credit: Elli Wolthuis)

Sienna Oglesby is a journalism student at Gilbert Christian High School assigned to cover high school sports for 

Lexi Sadler, a member of the beach volleyball team at Gilbert Christian High school is having a great season. Lexi loves sand volleyball because you play with only one other person instead of a full court of people. She says sand volleyball is “much different from normal volleyball,” and she also says sand volleyball is a lot harder.  She finds that in sand volleyball it is a lot harder to run and jump because there isn't a hard surface while it is much easier to dive to get the ball in the sand than on a hard court surface. When she isn’t playing games or at practices, she spends her time laying in the sun or listening to music with her team. 

Lexi is currently playing with Sierra Nielson, a junior at Gilbert Christian High School, in the fives group. They usually do very well at games and they work very well together. Lexi’s coaches, Bart and Bill, pick who is playing together for each game and what group they will be playing in. Lexi recommends playing sand volleyball and says it is a good experience to make new friends and learn more about volleyball. Lexi is excited for upcoming games and believes they are good enough to qualify for state.