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Don Ketchum
Former Staff Writer,

Flying bodies make soccer a risky business

February 10, 2010 by Don Ketchum, AZPreps365

The sport of soccer is not like basketball. There aren’t points put on the board every few seconds. There is a premium put on strategy and patience.
Although there are not many goals scored, there is a lot going on. Bodies are flying everywhere with little or no padding. It can get scary dangerous.
Flagstaff High’s boys found that out on Friday night (Feb. 10) when Ahren Velasco went down with a broken leg. You keep waiting for the players to get back up, but unfortunately, Velasco could not.
The medical officials did the right thing by calling paramedics, who responded in an expedient manner.
The fans and both teams applauded Velasco as he was wheeled to a waiting ambulance.
Here’s hoping that the junior defender makes a complete recovery and returns next season.