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MLK Basketball Classic: Sabino girls are the big winners

January 22, 2019 by Andy Morales, AZPreps365

Palo Verde jumped three spots with a win over Amphitheater. Zionn Sandoval finished with 22 points to lead the Titans. Jackson Ruai (23) is providing the defense while Sandoval looks over his options. (Andy Morales/



MLK Classic at McKale Center

Monday, January 21


Buena vs. Gregory School BOYS

Buena jumped three spots from No. 16 to 13 in the 5A rankings after beating the Gregory School 69-61. The loss dropped the Hawks from the top spot in 1A to No. 2 behind Rock Point.

Buena jumped out to a 12-0 lead and the Gregory School was unable to close that gap.


TGS: Mort 10, Prior 12, T Harris 18, D Harris 15, Benson 6, Alpert 3

BUENA Fenton 14, McFadden 9, Featherston 14, Bellinger 10, Ward 18, Foster 4


Canyon del Oro vs. Tanque Verde GIRLS

The Dorados held firm at No. 27 in the 4A ranks but Tanque Verde dropped two spots to No. 4 in the 3A Conference despite beating Canyon del Oro 46-40.


TV: Wall 17, Orange 5, Berg 4, Cullinan 7, Hastings 9, Morris 4.

CDO: Carter 23, Falcone 6, Castillo 9, Brumm 2


Catalina vs. Sahuarita BOYS

Catalina jumped from No. 25 to 21 in the 3A Conference thanks to a 66-65 win over Sahuarita. The Mustangs tumbled from No. 19 to 25, on the edge of the playoffs.


CAT: Kijana 26, Thompson 18, Lugo 17, Crucellas 5

SAH: Encinas 6, Dicochea 14, Cervantes 2, Mejia 11, Brown 10, Fanning 5, Meza 17

Flowing Wells vs. Salpointe GIRLS

Salpointe moved up one spot to No. 8 in the 4A Conference thanks to a 51-23 win over Flowing Wells. The Caballeros remained at No. 26.and the team needs to make a move to move up a few spots.


SAL Powell 2, Urias 3, Arizmendi 14, Montano 6, Ratliff 3, Nelson 16, Bernal 10, Callahan 2

FW: Arguellez 17, Flores 2, Yanez 4


Amphitheater vs. Palo Verde BOYS

Palo Verde improved their position from moving from No. 10 in the 4A Conference to No. 7 with the 69-59 win over Amphitheater. The Panthers dropped two spots from No. 4 to No. 6.


PV: Sandoval 22, Johnson 11, Fernandez 2, Blanco 16, Thomas 18

AMP: Kimmel 29, Clark 6, Davis 5, Hutchings 3, Ruai 17

Sabino vs. Sahuaro GIRLS
Sabino solidified their stranglehold on the 3A Conference thanks to a huge 62-50 win over Sahuaro. Sabino came in No. 1 and remain No. 1 by a huge 7-point rating over No. 2 Page.  Sahuaro dropped from No. 1 in the 4A Conference to No. 3 which is still a perfect spot to be in. Both teams are now pulling for each other to win out.


SAB: Rhodes 28, Shephard 4, Doty 8, Healy 8, Dorroh 6, Armijo 8

SAH: Franke 8, Heslep 5, Leon 4, Brown 26, Watson 10

Tucson vs. Ironwood Ridge BOYS

Tucson remains No. 22 in the 6A Conference despite beating Ironwood Ridge 83-79 in overtime. The Nighthawks also remained firm at No. 26 in the 5A ranks. Both teams are living on the edge.


TUC: Hunter 11, Velasquez 8, Gonzalez 5, Hinojosa 4, Shelby 30, Figueroa 7, Luna 7, Garcia 5, Peters 3, Romero 3

IR: Dowse 3, Palma 2, Felix 4, Cochran 23, Goodman 10, Chism 11, Drescher 2, Lathrop 22, Alford 2