Recommended Guidelines for Return to Activity

AIA's Recommended Guidelines are currently being reviewed and updated based on current information especially in consideration of the metrics that are now in place. The Guideline will return once the update is complete.

Williams Field

Black Hawks

26 Aug

East Valley Invitational Higley High School Hosted by Higley Invitational

01 Sep

3:00 pm

Higley & Hamilton Whirlwind Golf Club @ Cat Tail Hosted by Hamilton Freedom

02 Sep

2:00 pm

Higley & Seton Catholic Prep Tucson National @ Sonoran Hosted by Williams Field Freedom

08 Sep

3:00 pm

Mesquite & Seton Catholic Prep Ocotillo Golf Resort @ Blue/White Hosted by Seton Catholic Prep Section

10 Sep

3:00 pm

Hamilton & Casteel Trilogy Golf at Power Ranch Hosted by Casteel Freedom

15 Sep

3:00 pm

Notre Dame Prep & Arcadia Arizona Country Club Hosted by Arcadia Freedom

22 Sep

3:00 pm

vs Seton Catholic Prep Trilogy Golf Course Hosted by Williams Field Section

15 Oct

3:00 pm

Perry & Red Mountain Red Mountain Ranch Country Club Hosted by Red Mountain Freedom

22 Oct

3:00 pm

Arcadia, Seton Catholic Prep & Higley Las Colinas Golf Course Hosted by Higley Freedom