Recommended Guidelines for Return to Activity

AIA's Executive Board has endorsed guidelines for the return to sport and activity for competition in the fall.



26 Aug

3:00 pm

Perry & Chaparral Talking Stick Golf Club @ North Hosted by Chaparral Freedom

31 Aug

3:00 pm

vs Liberty Tatum Ranch Hosted by Pinnacle Freedom

05 Sep

2020 Antigua National High School Golf Invite Whirlwind Golf Club @ Devil's Claw Invitational

08 Sep

3:00 pm

vs Mountain Ridge Tatum Ranch Hosted by Pinnacle Section

14 Sep

3:00 pm

Westwood & Cactus Shadows Dove Valley Ranch GC Hosted by Cactus Shadows Freedom

15 Sep

3:00 pm

vs Boulder Creek Tatum Ranch Hosted by Pinnacle Section

16 Sep

3:00 pm

vs Highland Superstition Springs Golf Course Hosted by Highland Freedom

18 Sep

The Roar Classic 2020 Sun City Country Club Invitational

28 Sep

3:00 pm

Hamilton & Red Mountain Longbow Golf Club Hosted by Red Mountain Freedom

19 Oct

3:00 pm

vs Millennium Tuscany Falls @ Falls/Palms Hosted by Millennium Freedom

20 Oct

State Preview @ Aguila Aguila Golf Course Invitational

21 Oct

3:00 pm

vs Sandra Day O'Connor 500 Club Hosted by Sandra Day O'Connor Section