AIA Executive Board: AIA sports at all levels are cancelled for the remainder of the school year.

Betty H. Fairfax


26 Feb

2:00 pm

Maryvale & Cesar Chavez Cesar Chavez High School Hosted by Cesar Chavez Freedom

29 Feb

4th Annual Richard Thompson South Mountain Classic South Mountain High School Hosted by South Mountain Invitational

04 Mar

3:30 pm

Apollo, Washington & Cortez Cortez High School Hosted by Cortez Freedom

06 Mar

11:00 am

Camelback, Carl Hayden, Central & 6 more Alhambra High School Hosted by Alhambra Freedom

18 Apr

Valley Classics Alhambra High School Invitational

29 Apr

Alhambra Last Chance Meet Alhambra High School Invitational