Southern Arizona Spring Invitational Schedule

February 26, 2019 by Andy Morales, AZPreps365

The CatBox Beach Volleyball Classic is one of two dozen invitationals scheduled for Southern Arizona this spring. (Andy Morales/

Southern Arizona Spring Invitational Schedule


The remaining list of “sanctioned” invitationals from Southern Arizona is posted below starting with the Amphi Panther Baseball Invitational slated to start on Wednesday, Feb. 27:


Amphi Panther Baseball Invitational

Feb. 27-Mar. 2


TUSD Boys Volleyball Invitational Tournament

Mar. 1-2


Douglas Ted James Track & Field Invitational

Mar. 2


Bisbee Baseball Invitational

Mar. 6-9


3rd Annual Douglas Bulldog Softball Tournament

Mar. 8-9


Mountain View Desert Track & Field Tune-up

Mar. 9


Tucson High Badger Invitational Softball Tournament

Mar. 11-14


Willie Williams Track & Field

Mar. 15-16


Lancer Track and Field Invitational

Mar. 16


The View Boys Volleyball Invitational

Mar. 22-23


Lancer Baseball Classic

Mar. 18-23


CatBox Beach Volleyball Classic

Mar. 23


Bill Taylor/ Bisbee Track Invitational

Mar. 23


Benson Track & Field Invitational

Mar. 27


Chris Moon Baseball Classic

Mar. 27-30


Mario Castro Track & Field Invitational

Mar. 29


1A Tennis Invite

Mar. 30


Lancer Boys Volleyball Invitational

Apr. 5-6


Marana Track & Field Invitational

Apr. 6


Jerry Lee Benson Track & Field Invitational

Apr. 6


Bisbee Wimpy Pizano Spring Golf Invitational

Apr. 12


Mountain View Southern Arizona Track & Field Championships

Apr. 20


Marana Last Chance Track & Field

Apr. 24