Fall 2019 Season

The AIA and PlayVS are proud to announce league competition for esports with both a fall and spring season. Registration is currently open for the fall 2019 season for League of Legends and Rocket League. The cost to participate in the fall 2019 season is $64 per student per game. Additional information regarding how schedules are formulated, rulebooks and coach and technical resources can be found in the links below

Fall 2019 Schedule

October 14

Preseason Begins

October 18

Player Registration Deadline

October 19

Weeks 1-2 schedule released

October 21

Regular Season Begins

November 2

Weeks 3-5 schedule released

November 23

Weeks 6-8 schedule released

Fall Tournament

January 7, 2020

Playoffs Begin

January TBA, 2020

Fall Championship

Games & Times

Tuesdays 4PM MST

League of Legends

Thursdays 4PM MST

Rocket League