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Catching up with Amphi Competitive Cheer Captain Nailani Reece

March 23, 2020 by Andy Morales, AZPreps365

(Courtesy Photo)

Nailani Reece is the “Point Flyer” and team captain for the Amphitheater Varsity and Competitive Cheer team coached by Kayla Jordan. As Reece explains below, that means she is front and center for the squad that finished third in the nation in February. For the senior, this was her last time on the mat for the Panthers but she’s hoping a college scholarship will come through.

We spoke with Reece Monday afternoon about her career, her squad and her future plans.

Q: As you know, the spring season has been put on hold due to the Coronavirus. Are you concerned about school’s canceling the prom and the graduation ceremony?

A: It’s upsetting that could happen especially for graduation. This is what we’ve been building up to these past 12 years. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

Q: When did you realize you were good at this?

A: When I was younger I would go to football games and wonder about cheering, so I tired it in high school and I liked it. I realized I was good midway through my sophomore year and we started winning. It really motivated me to stay and in school and work on my grades.

(Nailani Reece is top right/School Photo)


Q: Your squad finished third in the nation in Anaheim. Tell me about that experience.

A: It was nerve-racking and sad at the same time because I realized I would never perform again. I was the point which means my stunt group was front and center and it was a rewarding experience.

Q: Do you think you want to continue to cheer in college?

A: Yes, most of the better programs are in Texas and I took a visit to Navarro College and Trinity in February along with two boys from Amphitheater. I’m going to need as close to a full-ride as I can get in order to get into college.

Q: I understand you spent some time living with a friend in high school. Tell me a bit about that.

A: I was basically raised by my mother and there was a point where I had to live with a friend to stay in high school. We pushed the beds together and it was all pretty messy, but it was also kind of fun when we weren’t butting heads.

Q: You have friends who compete in a spring sport and they might not be able to finish this year. What are your thoughts on that possibility?

A: It’s pretty upsetting. I know I would be very sad if I couldn’t compete my senior year. I no they are really upset. I have a friend on the softball team who was about to get to play for the first time and the baseball team felt they could be better this year.

Q: So, finish up by telling us about your squad.

A: The majority of the team is seniors and we’ve played the sport together for a while. The younger ones are ready to learn too and that helps. We just had more positive leadership this year.

The squad took in Disneyland (Courtesy Photo)