Dylan Zadanowicz
ASU Student Journalist

Higley two-sport star Jason Harris comes from a long line of athletes

February 12, 2019 by Dylan Zadanowicz, Arizona State University

Jason Harris’ parents went to the University of Arizona and played sports. His mother, Cha-Ron, was a basketball player and his father, Sean Harris, was a football player who eventually went on to spend seven seasons in the NFL with the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts.

The family bloodline of athletes runs deep. Jason may be the most gifted of them all.

Harris isn’t your average high school athlete. The Higley junior is the No. 17 overall recruit for the class of 2020 in football, according to ESPN, and a top 100 player in basketball. Standing at 6’8” and 220 pounds, his mix of size, speed and athletic ability is rare.

“You always have to keep on working and find ways to get better every day,” said Harris. “I’ve always felt that I can be a good athlete playing football or basketball as long as I work hard, it’s about putting the work in.”

Harris hasn’t made a decision on whether he will pursue football or basketball at the collegiate level, but his decision looms in the near future.

“I’ll probably make that decision sometime in the summer but I’m not sure right now,” Harris said.

In his junior season of football, Harris recorded 32 tackles, 11 tackles for loss and nine sacks as a defensive end. During the basketball season, Harris averaged over 20 points playing small/power forward.

Harris’ brother, Jalen, is a student-athlete at the University of Arizona and although they played together in high school, playing in college together is something that Harris has thought through.

“[Playing with my brother at UofA] definitely influences what I am going to do, but at the end of the day, I am going to do what’s best for me and my future.”

Harris still has a full year of high school before he heads off to further his athletic career. The offers have already flooded his mailbox from various Division I programs for football and basketball.

“I don’t know exactly how many offers I have, I haven’t counted but I am really thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given.”

From a young age, Harris’ parents have instilled a vigorous work ethic into him that has helped him get to the point where his is today.

“They have always done what is best for me, helping me be on top of school first, and teaching me how to be a good person on and off the court/field.”

According to ESPN, Harris’ offers for football includes a long list of programs and it still isn’t up to date with his Twitter account. So far, Harris has offers from Alabama, Arizona, Arizona State, Florida, Kentucky, Louisville, Memphis, Nebraska, Oregon, Oregon State, Syracuse, Texas A&M, UCLA, USC and Utah plus many more not officially reported.