Recommended Guidelines for Return to Activity

AIA's Executive Board has endorsed guidelines for the return to sport and activity for competition in the fall.



24 Feb

3:30 pm

Catalina, Pusch Ridge & Marana Marana High School Hosted by Marana Freedom

03 Mar

3:30 pm

Desert Christian, St. Augustine & Cholla Cholla High Magnet School Hosted by Cholla Freedom

10 Mar

3:30 pm

Cholla, Santa Rita & Catalina Catalina Magnet High School Hosted by Catalina Freedom

24 Mar

3:30 pm

Canyon Del Oro & Desert View Amphitheater High School Hosted by Amphitheater Freedom

31 Mar

3:30 pm

Pueblo Magnet & Sahuarita Sahuarita High School Hosted by Sahuarita Freedom

07 Apr

3:30 pm

Mica Mountain & Santa Rita Santa Rita High School Hosted by Santa Rita Freedom

21 Apr

3:30 pm

Cienega & Mountain View Marana Mountain View (Marana) High School Hosted by Mountain View Marana Freedom